The Muhammad Drawings have sparked considerable controversy in Western Europe and the Islamic world. Should the newspaper have published those drawings? Should they be ostracized or punished for an affront to Islam? What do you think?

Legitimate satire v. Religious insult


Legitimate satireEdit

Religious insultEdit

I don't even understand how this can be viewed as a racist insult. Islam is pretty evenly distributed among the races. Or are black muslims and arab muslims and white muslims and asian muslims all the same race? Since when religion == race? Does anyone care to explain this to me?

correct--the headline on this page is mixing the issues. I cannot see an option for changing the Title term 'racist' to 'religious'

Just in case you dont know: There is no such thing as a human race, because every human is a mixture of many races. Nobody belongs just to one "race". Anyway one can call hatered against one religion racism, because you are generalizing. Because there is no such thing as a human race, one can use the term "racism" differently. Raphael 22:57, 11 February 2006 (UTC)