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The Malay people in Malaysia are accorded special rights and privileges under Article 153 of the Constitution of Malaysia, and the Bumiputra laws. Although the most common cited reason for these rights is affirmative action to address the economic imbalance between the Malays and Chinese, an ideology of ketuanan Melayu (lit. Malay supremacy) has developed with these rights as a focal point. Ketuanan Melayu advocates argue that Malay special rights are their birthright, accorded to them by the virtue of their being the "definitive" people and sovereign rulers of Malaysia. It is also contended in some quarters that a social contract provided the non-Malays with citizenship in return for the granting of special rights to the Malays. The question now is: should Malay special rights be abolished?

pro v. con


Well think of the malays as endangered wild life. Removing the "special rights" will make them "extinct". Other ethnics that live in the country should understand that "Special Rights". So that the "special right" for the Malays become non issue. With a mutual understanding, Malaysia would be one of the most peaceful multiracial countries there is.