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Startquote Many pundits and their accomplices in the Main Stream media have declared the Republican Party is dead after the whipping we took on November 4th. It is true that the Democrats gained majority status in the House and Senate and captured the White House. But they didn't beat the Conservatives! They beat the Old Republican Party that has become controlled by "old Men" who hold the Princely positions in the U.S. Congress more dear than they do to the traditional principles of the Grand Old Party of the Republic! Due to the seniority system, that is not to unlike that of large Unions. Most positions in the Congress go to not the most conservative members of the Republican Party, but to those who have managed to stay around the longest time. Endquote


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Debate pages are a summary of an issue from a particular point of view. Each debate has a title page that sets out the discussion, and articles for and against the proposition. If there is a wider range of opinions on a subject, then extra pages can be created to show this diversity.

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Islamofascism: Fact or Fiction Can the term Islamofascism be used to define certain regimes and political trends in the Islamic world? Should it be used in that way?


Scholars have defined Fascism as: "A mass movement, that combines different classes but is prevalently of the middle classes, which sees itself as having a mission of national regeneration, is in a state of war with its adversaries and seeks a monopoly of power by using terror...




  • Fascism is a nationalistic political philosophy in which the state's power is combined with that of the corporate sector.
  • Islamism rejects nationalism.
  • Islamism rejects corporatism.


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