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[1] John Nowacki is the go-between for most of the Justice Department and all 93 US Attorney's. He is the guy that gets letters, emails, phone calls, and other bits of information that he then passes up the chain of command. The documents contained below demonstrate his central role in important meetings, his role in gathering information on prospective US Attorney's, and organizing complaints of current US Attorney's. The final document (a portion of Nowacki's schedule) demonstrates that his informants ( Investigator Warren Hamilton) help to fulfill his obligation to the other members of the Justice Department by supplying information that fits with a specific agenda. It is extremely important that the House and Senate Judiciary Committee's interview John Nowacki in order to establish the links between the Justice Department officials, the US Attorney's in the field, and the political operatives who helped remove the targeted US Attorney's. The officials that have been called to be interviewed by the relevant committees are as follows (As you read the documents below notice the amount of conversations between these top officials and John Nowacki): Paul McNulty, William Moschella, Michael Elston, William Mercer, David Margolis, Monica Goodling (pleading the 5th...), Michael Battle (Resigned), and Kyle Sampson (Resigned). Document Dump- John Nowacki (From every Justice Department File Dump thus far.. 3/30/07... even the files where his name was changed to John Nowadd...(however that happened))

Resignation Guidance for US Attorney's-Contact John Nowacki More Guidance on Legal Manuevers [2]

Contacts between Nowacki Sampson, Goodling, Elston, Mercer, Moschella, and Michael Battle: Regarding US Attorney Charleton

discussion over who will be the witness Who will be the witness?

Nowacki explaining who the interim US Attorney's are Regarding the bill- (Senator Specter) is organizing a Republican amendment strategy so that they have one strategy and the Dems don't divide and conquer. He asked if we have any amendments to please draft and get them to him. Kyle Sampson sends his draft to Nowacki (Nowacki is editing the work of now resigned DOJ employee Kyle Sampson) "Look forward to seeing your draft" Richard Hertling- "Whoever drafts it, the testimony needs to include a sentence stating the DOJ is currently reviewing the issue of whether the apointment of an interim US Attorney by the judicial branch is constitutional." John Nowacki-****"The Draft testimony for the DAG is attached." High Importance (this was circulated to the rest of the DOJ the next morning)

Email from Michael Elston: "Nowacki reports that the Committee has contacted Dan Bogden, the outgoing USA in Nevada, to testify. Bogden has not returned the call." ******(but where was the email from Nowacki explaining this original message...) Email from John Nowacki: "Carol Lam says that she was contacted by House Judiciary and told that Rep. Conyers would like her to testify at the hearing. She said that she did not provide an answer." Messages between Sampson, Goodling, Elston, Moschella, Herthling, Seidel, Battle, and John Nowacki: "Have we come to a decision as to who will be the witness at the House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing? It has to be someone who can withstand 3 hours of questioning as Paul did this morning." Email from Goodling titled "Release": "Richard--"Schools is informing his staff right now. Nowacki is calling the judge. Elston is calling Kevin Ryan. You are clear to go ahead and start calling the Senators." Original Email from Bud Cummins to Michael Battle regarding his upcoming testimony, Email forwarded to John Nowacki who then forwards it to Sampson, Goodling, Moschella, Elston, and Hertling

Nowacki Email: "Paul Charlton has notified us that he will announce his resignation today, effective 31 January 2007." Sent to Goodling, and Elston, and then forwarded to Kyle Sampson who sent it back to Goodling, Mercer, Moschella, McNulty, and Michael Battle. Email from Nowacki to Elston, Goodling, and Battle: "First we've seen from him [Kevin Ryan. Note the departure date of 4/27. Will check whether that accurately reflects the letter." Reponse from Elston to Sampson: " What should I do?" ****( No email follow up from Sampson in the Justice Dump)] Article on John McKay sent by Roehrkasse to Elston, Smith, Nowacki, Mcnulty and Scolinos: "I happened to see this article when I was traveling last week in the Northwest. These comments are not exactly helpful. John, anything we can do?" Continued article that was emailed.. Members of the House Judicairy Committee Hearing Prep: Moschella, Elston, Goodling, Hartling, Scott-Finam, Roehrkasse, Nowacki

Another House Judiciary Committee Hearing Prep: Members: Moschella, Mercer, Sampson, Elston, Goodling, Hertling, Scott-Finan, Nowacki, Scolinos, Roehrkasse. Yet another House Judiciary Committee Hearing Prep with Members: Moschella, Mercer, Sampson, Elston, Goodling, Hertling, Scott-Finan, Nowacki, Scolinos, Roehrkasse. Email from Nowacki to Goodling and Elston: "Paul Charlton has notified us that he will announce his resignation today, effective 31 January 2007." Goodling forwards email to Sampson. Email from Goodling to Nowacki: "There is apparently a story in the Arkansas Times about Griffen. Please find it and email. Thanks" Morning news stories emailed to Goodling and Nowacki from Sean Murphy: No mention of Griffen story so the above email follows.

Welcome back to the DOJ Tim Griffen Email from Goodling to Nowacki: "Where are we with the Griffin MOU- that needs to be ready and signed tommorrow. Please zap me a draft in the a.m. Thanks." Goodling email to Nowacki: "Please set up video interview with Tim Griffin" Correspondences between Tim Griffin and John Nowacki regarding his appointment as US Attorney. Initial Contact with Tim Griffin suggesting contacting John Nowacki if he has any questions.

Email from Nowacki to Goodling and Elston: "David Iglesias announced to his office today that he will resign..." Emails between Nowacki Goodling and Elston: "Charlton has moved his resignation up a day..." Goodling: "Are our interviews set up for this week yet? If not, please ge them set up asap. Thanks" Email from Nowacki to Goodling and Elston: "We have just received the attached resignation letters from Daniel Bogden. His resignation according to the letter, is effective on midnight, February 28." The Kevin Ryan firing: Who calls who...Email from Goodling to Hertling, Elston, and Nowacki The responses from Nowacki, Hertling, and Elston

Tim Griffin Email to Nowacki: "Thank you for the email. My resume is at home, but I will email it tomorrow..." Nowacki email to Griffin: "Tim--In addition to your resume, if you have a sort of narrative bio, would you please forward that as well?" Email between Debbie Hardos and Katherine Mann: "Condensed Reason for Resignation for Daniel Bogden.." "Can you check with John Nowacki to see if this condensed reason is OK? "Recieved request from EOUSA Director to step down as U.S. Attorney." *****(This is a fishing expedition sent by SOMEONE.. but it seems to be edited to remove the name of the sender..) Email from Sean Murhy to John Nowacki regarding the draft DAG testimony.... ********(It has Kyle Sampsons edits in it so it has to be AFTER he did his work... meaning that Nowacki was most likely one of the last people to consolidate edits before passing it on to other branches...)

Email containing a Draft of testimony from Nowacki to Goodling Email from Nowacki to Scott-Finan regarding Draft Moschella Testimony: "Nancy--Will's draft tiestmony (integrating Kyle's edits and your suggest additions se H.R. 580) is attached.." *******(This is VERY IMPORTANT... this proves that Nowacki had Kyle Sampsons Draft and edited it AFTER Kyle.) Converastions with Nowacki regarding the Testimony *****Very IMPORTANT*****This is a clip from John Nowacki's date book. "Meet with Investigator Warren Hamilton (Re: USA Dan Bogden)--- for a 30 minute meeting on 10/10/2006